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Foster A Greyhound

Thank you for showing interest in becoming involved in our Foster Care Program. We are currently updating our information and application process, and will shortly be accepting new applications. For further details, please contact Emma Cotsell, Foster Care Manager at Stay tuned for more information in April on how to apply!

Becoming a Foster Carer

While some of our dogs are ready to adopt straight from our kennels, many benefit from time in foster care prior to adoption in order to help them adjust to life in a domestic environment. GAP is always looking for foster carers to help get our dogs ready for life off the track and to increase the number of greyhounds going through the program each year.

Fostering is usually a very straightforward and rewarding experience that requires no previous skills or qualifications. All that is required is a love of these very lazy, docile dogs and a desire to help them find a happy home.

Fostering is also great for those people who travel frequently and can’t have a dog of their own but would still like to have dogs in their life.

You may foster as often, or as little, as you like. Many of our foster carers fall in love with one of their foster dogs and end up adopting. Even if you only foster one greyhound and then decide it’s not for you, that’s one more greyhound who has been helped to get ready for a new home.


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What to Expect

Our fostering period is three weeks (occasionally a little longer during holiday periods such as Christmas etc). GAP welcomes foster carers from a variety of backgrounds including people living in apartments (providing there is someone at home), full time workers, single people, retirees or families with children and/or other animals, especially small dogs.

The role of the foster carer is to help the greyhound adjust to life away from the race track. Prior to coming to GAP most greyhounds have never been inside a house so things like stairs, televisions, polished floorboards etc are all new experiences for the dog.

Carers are provided with food, leads, collars and coats for their foster dogs. We regularly conduct training sessions and special foster carer only events. All carers are covered by insurance.

We don’t need carers to be home all the time with the dog. If anything, we prefer it if you’re not as the adoptive homes most of our dogs go into will have people who aren’t home for periods during the day.

Foster carers are not burdened with holding a dog for long periods, and if necessary GAP will also immediately remove a dog if there are any problems in the foster home.

All foster carers have a support network available to them at all times, from both GAP staff and other experienced foster carers.


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Foster Care Process

Below is snapshot of the Foster Care process if you are interested in applying.

  • Complete application online
  • GAP will contact you when a foster dog becomes available for you
  • Collect greyhound from kennels or collection points in Melbourne
  • Greyhound stays with foster carer for 3 weeks
  • Greyhound is returned to GAP ready for adoption


For further Information feel free to contact us