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Adopt A Greyhound

Greyhounds are becoming an increasingly popular pet option for a number of reasons.

More and more Australians are becoming aware that greyhounds not only boast a placid nature, but they are excellent companions that don’t require a lot of exercise and are happy to spend most of the day sleeping.

An increasing number of people living in and around Melbourne’s CBD are adopting greyhounds as pets as they are extremely well suited to apartment living.

Here’s some facts you may not know about greyhounds as pets…

  • they require little grooming
  • they are quiet and rarely bark
  • they sleep for around 20 hours a day
  • most greyhounds only require a 15 minute walk each day
  • they can make great jogging companions (but will require some training to increase their endurance)
  • they are cooperative, adaptable, placid and affectionate
  • they are suited to living in many types of households including apartments and properties with small yards
  • they are not required to wear a muzzle in public if adopted Victoria’s Greyhound Adoption Program and are wearing their special Green GAP Collar

So if you are thinking about getting a pet dog, please consider giving one of our beautiful retired greyhounds a home.


Click here to apply for greyhound adoption