Foster Carers Needed!

Prior to adoption, all GAP greyhounds are fostered for a period of time in order to help them adjust to life in a domestic environment.

The Greyhound Adoption Program are always seeking people willing to take one of our wonderful greyhounds under their wing for approximately three weeks at a time.

Fostering is an easy and very rewarding experience that requires no previous skills or qualifications. All that is required is a love of these very lazy, docile dogs and a desire to help them blossom & find their “forever” homes as pets. GAP welcomes foster carers from a variety of backgrounds, including people living in apartments, full time workers, single people, retirees or families with children and/or other animals, especially small dogs. We don't need carers to be home all the time with the dog. If anything, we prefer it if you're not, as the adoptive homes most of our dogs go into will have people who aren't home for periods during the day.

All food and training equipment for the foster greyhound is supplied, so that carers are not burdened with any feeding costs. You may foster as often, or as little, as you like. Even if you foster just one greyhound & decide that it’s not for you, then that’s one greyhound that you’ve directly helped to save & prepare for their new life as a pet! If everyone fostered just one greyhound, imagine how many lives that would add up to!

Many carers enjoy fostering because it gives them the pleasure of owning a dog without the commitment. This is particularly beneficial around holiday periods, for people who travel frequently or those who would like to have the companionship of a dog but don’t constantly have the time to own one. Fostering is an ideal way for prospective adoptees to get to know the breed before making the decision to adopt one. It’s also a much quicker way of getting a cat friendly greyhound into your home & avoiding the usual waiting period.

Carers have a support network available to them at all times, from both GAP staff & other more experienced carers. All carers are covered by insurance. We provide you with training seminars, DVD’s & foster carer only special offers & events. Dogs are only left with carers for 3-4 weeks at a time, so you’re never burdened with holding a dog for long periods. We will also immediately remove a dog if there are any problems in the foster home.

GAP are very keen to expand our foster carer base as this will enable us to increase the number of greyhounds going through the program each year. For example, if we had 500 foster families, then we could have 500 greyhounds out in loving homes waiting for adoption!