Adopt a greyhound


Click here to apply online to adopt a greyhound.

Alternatively, please contact the GAP office on:
Tel:            (03) 5799 0166
Fax:           (03) 5799 0140

    Post Adoption Care






Foster Care Applications


Click here to apply online to become a foster carer.

Please download an
d read through the Foster Guide to learn more about our foster program. After reading through the
Foster Guide, if you would like to become involved as a foster carer, please complete one of the application forms below.

To discuss your suitability as a foster carer, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Melanie Luscombe at GAP on (03) 5799 0166 or email

  Foster Guide.




Enter your Greyhound into GAP


Participants are now able to log in to FastTrack to retire their greyhound.

Click here for instructions on how to retire a greyhound. 

1.    Log in to FastTrack and click the My Dogs tab.
2.    Click the Actions link for the greyhound you want to retire.
3.    In the pop-up menu, click Retire.
4.    On the Retire Dog page, click the Enter my dog in GAP link, which redirects you to the GAP web page to fill in the GAP online entry form.
5.    Fill in the GAP form.
6.    Click “I agree.”
7.    Click Submit.
8.    Read the Thank you page and click Continue.

If you are a Victorian registered member and need to activate your FastTrack account, please
click here. For any assistance with activating your FastTrack account, please contact Member Services on (03) 8329 1100 or email