Are you ready to adopt?

Before you fill in your application form or browse longingly through the list of greyhounds ready for adoption, you need to consider if you are truly ready to commit to owning a dog.  

GAP hopes that every greyhound will find a fantastic ‘forever home’ where they will become part of the family, but sometimes greyhounds are returned to us for reasons that were preventable if the potential adopter had thought carefully about their situation and expectations.

Greyhounds are dogs – they are generally quiet, lazy and affectionate, but they still do ‘dog-things’. 

  •     Dogs require exercise, mental stimulation and company.

  •     Dogs can get sick or injured and require veterinary treatment.

  •     Dogs require ongoing coaching and training to maintain ‘good manners’.

  •     Dogs can growl, snap or bite if frightened, injured or startled.

  •     Dogs can be messy, they can shed hair, get dirty paws, or accidentally toilet in the house.

  •     ALL dogs need to be supervised when around children.

Can you offer a ‘forever home’?

  •     Are you allowed to own a dog where you live?

  •     If you rent, does the landlord and the body corporate allow pets?

  •     Have you discussed getting a dog with the rest of your family and does everyone agree?

  •     Do you have other pets that may be affected by adding a greyhound?

  •     Will adding ‘another’ dog exceed your council’s limit for your property?

  •     Will your family change significantly in the future – i.e. new baby?

  •     Do you have the time to commit to owning a dog?

  •     Do you plan on moving in the future?

  •     Can you afford food, training and veterinary costs?

We suggest you do not adopt a greyhound if you do not have the patience to continue to help the dog adjust to life as a pet.  Up until they enter GAP, the only thing a greyhound has been asked to do is run fast, so they have lots to learn.  Our foster process helps get them on the path to being a pet, but this process needs to continue after adoption as the greyhound will have to learn your routine, and adjust to what it experiences in your neighbourhood. 

GAP provide ongoing support and guidance to all new adopters – we are only a phone call or email away – and there are plenty of fact sheets in the Greyhound Information section of our website that address the common problems encountered around the time of adoption.  Why not have a read before committing to adopting a GAP greyhound – that way you will be better prepared when the time comes.

If you have read the above points and it doesn’t seem like the right time, WAIT! There will always be a dog available for you. Wait for that time when the dog can be a loved and cherished member of your family.

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